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I am a travel vlogger, photographer and youtuber who travels the world searching for freedom, fun and adventure. I record my adventures and share them on youtube, to help other travellers find their adventure.

I have travelled to over 100‍‍‍ cities, in 3‍‍‍8 countries, across 5 continents.
Over my countless years of travelling around to world I have learnt the skills, tips and tricks of consistent, cheap, organised travel, and I have been helping thousands of people to travel the world through my youtube channel and coaching.

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‘Travel The World Podcast’ is about sharing travel tips, advice and stories from me and other travellers to inspire you to get out there and travel the world today!

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The Cheap Flight Checklist!

“Used this method to find a direct flight from London to Mumbai for £260, when the best skyscanner could offer was indirect flights for over £320. Very happy!”    

- John H

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- Andrew Miles

“Thanks to the Cheap Flight Checklist I found a flight under €100 and spent Christmas with my family. Best. Present. Ever!”

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“Just picked this up and took it for a spin for about an hour. I haven’t bothered trying flights from North America to Europe, instead I thought I would raise the bar. So far I saw an opportunity to save $350 – 400 in fare from Chicago to Santiago Chile and as a side bonus I saw a RT from Chicago to Miami for $57. This is before I put any work into it.”    

- Darby O'Connor



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